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1. Why buy electrostatic filters?

Traps 10X more dust than disposable filters.
Permanent - Never buy another filter.
Easy to Clean...Just vacuum or hose off.
Pays for itself in about a year.
Sturdy metal frame with lifetime warranty.
Electrostatic action traps more dust than spun or pleated filters.

2. What are the specs on your filters?

What makes a good electrostatic filter?

A strong, durable frame with filter media that balances arrestance with resistance. Some filters have excellent dust arrestance but too much air resistance. What's the problem with that? Too much resistance puts a strain on your system's blower and results in higher energy bills. It can even damage your heat and air system over extended periods of time.


Built by Air-Care in Las Vegas, NV. Air-Care is not just a filter company. They are in the Indoor Air Quality business and look at the issue of air filtration from all angles. That's why their filters provide the best balance of arrestance and resistance.

All Air-Care filters have the same filtration specs.
Tested using ASHRAE 52.1 PROTOCOL

Peak Arrestance: 94.7
Initial Resistance: 0.12" W.G.
Dust Holding: 165 grams
Airflow Rate: 300 FPM
End Point of Test: 0.50" W.G.
Typical MERV Rating: 6-8


2 Layers of Monofilament, woven polypropylene - Self charging electrostatic
1 Layer Non-Woven Polyester - Depth loading, impingement type secondary filter
2 Layers of expanded steel provide support and air foil
1 Aluminum Frame to structurally hold and seal filter material layers


BoAir filters are tested using ASHRAE 52.1 PROTOCOL

Peak Arrestance: >90%
Initial Resistance: 0.10" W.G. at 1200 cfm
Dust Holding: 160 grams @ 1.0" W.G.

3. What is the difference between Air Care's Silver, Gold and Flex frames?

The only difference is in the frame.  The filtration specs are identical for all 3 frame styles.

Silver frames are silver colored, made from aluminum with silver metal mesh and blue filter media.

Deluxe Gold frames are made from premium quality extruded aluminum, with a durable and attractive Gold Anodized finish, silver mesh and black filter media.

Flexible frames are used for applications where a rigid frame will not fit. The edges of the filter are woven and the filters will bend and twist. The flexible filter has the same filtration specifications as the metal framed.

For more the video link "HOW TO CHOOSE A FILTER" on the Air Care and BoAir product pages.

4. Do your filters run on electricity? How do they develop an electrostatic charge?

No, our filters do not require any electricity. The materials they are made from are self-charging. The air passing through them creates a natural static charge.

5. Where do I install these filters?

These filters install in your cold air return. Usually they fit in a return grill built into your wall or slide into an opening near your furnace. Refer to the filter label regarding air flow direction when installing. The arrow should point in the direction of the air flow (toward the furnace).

6. How do I clean these filters?

Filters should be cleaned every 1-3 months depending on indoor air quality conditions. Filter can be vacuumed off. For a more thorough cleaning, hose filter off with water. Make sure the filter is hosed off in the OPPOSITE direction as airflow or against the direction of the arrow on the label. This is so dirt is washed out of the filter and not driven deeper into filter media. After cleaning, shake off excess water and allow to dry for 30 minutes before reinstalling.
The filter can occasionally be sprayed with a mild degreaser (ie: diluted dishwashing liquid) to release built up residue (cigarette smoke, pet hair, etc). Spray both sides of filter thoroughly, allow to stand for 2-3 minutes, then flush thoroughly with water.

7. How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE for all BoAir and Austin Air products. Shipping is a flat $9.99 for all Air-Care filters (no matter how many filters you order). All shipments include Free Insurance. Next Day shipping is also available for additional charge. Email Scott at to get a quote on express shipping.

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